An Easy Way to Get Little Ones to Fall In Line With The Fall Back Time Change

I love this time of year.  Changing leaves, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and gaining an hour of sleep when the clocks turn back thanks to daylight saving time. That changing of the clocks is different when you have kids though, isn’t it?  As much as I wish my boys would just sleep in an extra hour, I…

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How To Make Your Sleep Training Success Last

Sleep training is tough.  You’re teaching your baby, toddler, or young child new behaviour.  On top of that, it’s during the night when you’re all exhausted.   But it’s so worth it.  If your child isn’t sleeping well, your whole family isn’t sleeping well.  Putting in those few days (or weeks) of work leads to…

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How To Make Your Bedtime Routine Work For Your Toddler

Dad reading bedtime boys

If you google “how to get your child to sleep”, at the top of the results you will read that you should have a bedtime routine for them.  This is good advice.  It’s advice I’ve given time and time again as a sleep consultant.  A pre-sleep routine is not THE answer but it is a…

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How To Ease Your Little One Into The Spring Forward DST Change

Even though I say this change is the easier one, it can still throw things off for a few days or even a few weeks. But there are things you can do to adjust your baby or toddler to the new time as easily as possible. So what can you do to shift your child’s…

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What Every Parent Should Know About Night Terrors

Little girl having childhood nightmares

If you have a child who has suffered from night terrors, you know how upsetting they are.   Your little one appears to be terrified.  They’re screaming or crying.  They may even be calling to you or asking for help.   Instinctively, you want to stop this from happening as quickly as you can.  You…

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4 Things You Need To Know About The 4-Month Sleep Regression

baby sleeping

About half of the families I work with as a sleep consultant approach me because their little one is four months old and has hit the dreaded four-month sleep regression.   Dun dun dunnnnn.   It sounds so negative, doesn’t it?  A sleep regression.   It really should be called a sleep progression.  This regression/progression…

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