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Vicki PJanuary 29, 2024

As a first time Mom, I felt like I had very little knowledge and support to handle a newborn. We were really struggling with sleep deprivation as our then 4.5 month old baby was waking several times each night. We had tried a sleep training approach on our own and found that we still needed support in answering questions we had on how to handle night wakings. We were looking to get help for our baby to sleep through night with minimal wake ups.

Rachel helped us get on a day nap and sleep routine that supported a better nights sleep for our child. We went from hourly wake ups to one or two wake ups each night with Rachel’s help and guidance. The several nights of only one wake up truly feel miraculous!!!

We were successful because we immediately clicked with Rachel’s kind and down to earth personality. We trusted her passion for the field and knowledge and expertise and we are so happy we did.

Please do not hesitate to give Rachel and her program a shot. She really helped us get our Son on a better schedule and sleeping through the night. Rachel is amazing at what she does and you will feel so supported and confident in working alongside with her! Don’t walk, Run!

Maria GJanuary 9, 2023

Rachel is amazing! I can not say enough great things about her. She is kind, compassionate, easy to chat with and most importantly a wonderful sleep consultant! I have used Fast Asleep Consulting in the past and she has always given me a variety of strategies to use to help me get my two children sleeping well. This time around I was so stuck as my 3.5 year old is in a big bed and waking multiple times in the night. My goal was to get him sleeping in his own bed, all night long without waking, or sleeping with me. And Rachel did that! She gave me suggestions and tips on what I could do to resleep train an almost 4 year old. I was skeptical because of his age, but she did it! He's sleeping through the night and so am I! I highly recommend Fast Asleep Consultating. Rachel is my sleeping hero and an all around wonderful person to work with.

Rosa ParkAugust 15, 2022

It took a couple of weeks of getting used to, but he is now waiting for the ‘sun’ to come up with the clock, and we moved the time from 6:20am to now 7am and we know from the babycam that he is able to wait for us for a while. He doesn’t scream for us in the morning anymore and 7 am is way nicer than waking at 5:30am to say the least! With the behavioural issues, we took your advice on warnings, consequences, and time outs and it seems to be working well. 

We wanted to let you know that thanks to your expertise, we were able to establish a much more civilized morning routine again. 

Thank you again and we’ll be in touch with the next big transition. 

Eileen GaliffiMay 20, 2022

Wanted better sleep for parents. Wanted help to get baby to sleep through the night and to stop waking up at 5 am. Also for older son to sleep independently and through the night. 

(The results were) Parents more confident, toddler learned to sleep through the night. 

(We were successful because) Good communication, good sleep plan. Everything was laid out well. Rachel described everything. Good consultation meeting to set expectations. 

She lays out a good plan but up to you to execute it to see results. Good TXT support throughout the whole week. 

NamitaJune 23, 2022

Sleep was something which me and my husband craved for as our LO started trouble falling asleep without our help. Even with our help our LO was not getting enough healthy sleep which we think.So we found Rachel through instagram. Our sleep goals were our LO had to fall asleep in her crib and follow a healthy sleep routine. 

I would say the support and encouragement that Rachel gave the motivation for us to continue the sleep training. 

Michelle KMarch 31, 2022

My 6 month old daughter was not sleeping for long stretches. Max 3 hour stints overnight and 30 minute naps throughout the day left me feeling exhausted and unable to enjoy her babyhood the way I wanted. I needed help extending my daughter’s sleep so that we could both get the rest we desperately needed.

Within 2-3 days of implementing Rachel’s plan, I was already seeing results. I honestly couldn’t believe it! My daughter’s naps were slowly getting a little longer each day and she was going for 5 hour stretches overnight. I was feeling better, she was feeling better - it’s made the world of difference.

Rachel’s plan was practical and flexible, taking into account how “real life” works and provided options for me to to take or leave based on what was best for my baby and I.

Everyone can show up as a better version of themselves when they are rested - you, your partner, your baby, etc. Don’t try and muscle your way through the early years of your child’s life thinking sleep deprivation is a badge of honour. Hire Rachel, get the guidance and get some sleep!

MicahDecember 25, 2021

My 16 week old was very dependent on me to get her to sleep. I was rocking her to sleep and brought her into my bed to nurse her during night wakings. I was also dealing with an overtired baby because she lacked such quality sleep. I was concerned my baby was developing habits that would be very difficult to break so I needed to seek help to make some lasting changes.

Working with Rachel resulted in getting my baby to sleep all on her own, day or night! I have tried to sleep train on my own to no avail, but Rachel’s guidance truly helped me get past some of the struggles I was dealing with. My baby no longer needs to be rocked or nursed to sleep. She goes into her bassinet awake and falls asleep all on her own. She also has become such a happier baby during the day because she feels more rested. It’s been a night and day difference.

Although my baby still struggles with the length of her naps, we have made huge improvements with her sleep overall. Of course there were days when it seemed really tough and I didn’t think we were making progress, but Rachel really pushed me to stay consistent and I’m amazed that it resulted in my baby going from being completely dependent on me to fall asleep to being completely independent.

I was hesitant with hiring a sleep consultant because I wasn’t sure my baby was ready to fall asleep on her own, but I am so glad I found Rachel! What made her stand out from others was her way of communicating. She was available during all the hardships, and responded so promptly. There wasn’t a time I felt like I was doing it on my own. She was so helpful that I didn’t want to let her go! Her guidance truly exceeded my expectations. I don’t think I would have gotten far into the sleep training process if it wasn’t for her.

Brittany & AndrewSeptember 21, 2021

Our son required a lot of support to fall asleep during naps and bedtime and wasn’t getting enough sleep. We wanted him to learn how to fall asleep independently in order to increase his total sleep hours.

The results exceeded our expectations. My husband was skeptical about whether sleep training would work, but thanks to Rachel’s expertise and ongoing support, our son now knows how to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Rachel listened closely to our concerns and helped us determine a sleep plan that we were comfortable with. Rachel gave helpful advice and encouragement when my husband and I were having difficulty during the initial sleep training stages. Rachel cheered for us and with us as we worked with our son and we always felt supported and respected.

I have already suggested Rachel as a Sleep Consultant to many of my friends in need. She changed our lives for the better now that our son has learned this lifelong skill. I would tell anyone that though the sleep training process can be difficult, it’s so worth it. We have our evenings back now that our son goes to bed early, and we rest easy knowing that he is getting the appropriate amount of sleep for his age.

GolzarJuly 10, 2021

Rachel was amazing to work with. I had my 4 month old sleep trained as before he had to be rocked to sleep and I wanted him to be able to fall asleep independently and I wanted to establish a nap routine for him as he didn't have a routine and would just nap in his swing. Once I started the sleep training it went very successful.

Rachel always responded very quickly and was very communicate throughout the whole process. It was a very good investment and I would never regret it! Now my son is able to happily fall asleep independently and I don't have to spend hours rocking him to sleep and I have more time. I highly recommend working with Rachel as I loved working with her. Rachel was always there with a quick response, she was always so available and always answered every one of my questions I had.

Rachel was just such an amazing sleep consultant that I hired her for 3 weeks and if I had a chance I would have liked to keep her. I would definitely say don't think twice about hiring Rachel. Sleep training was the best decision ever.

ZachMarch 9, 2021

We wanted our four month old baby boy to be able to sleep solo (not on mom!) and to sleep for longer stretches.

We had a great experience working with Rachel. We were successful in having our baby sleep in his crib (for the first time) and sleep for longer, uninterrupted stretches.

We were successful mainly due to Rachel being SO available and communicative throughout the entire process. Any questions we had were answered immediately, so we never felt as though we were on our own or had to make a decision that ended up being wrong.

I would say that Rachel is as good as it gets in terms of sleep training. She is professional yet compassionate, and knows what she is talking about. No question was met with surprise or judgment.

SanaNovember 21, 2020

Working with Rachel happened to be the BEST investment I have ever made for Alina! We spend so much on baby cribs and strollers and clothes and god knows what - but when it comes to services like sleep consulting we are like “umm do I really need this?” The answer for me is that I didn’t even know how badly I needed this! Two major results of me working with Rachel: 1.) Alina is a healthy little sleeper now and is amazing at self soothing 2.) Rachel has made me feel confident about my instincts when it comes to reading Alina’s cues. I am much more confident in making a call about her nap times and bed time than I was before. 

Rachel was always available to answer all my questions - no matter how silly they were! She was great at communicating what we need to do and always provided me with reasons and logic behind what we were doing. That made me trust her and made it easy for me to reach out to her for any concerns. 

If you’re thinking about working with Rachel, DO IT. It’s the best $275 you’ll EVER spend on your baby. I have known people who have sleep trained on their own, and their anxiety levels were 10 times more than mine - just because I had Rachel and didn’t have to second guess anything. If not for your baby, do it for yourself. 

Rosa ParkNovember 4, 2020

We were late to the sleep training game but we felt that it was time for Ethan to learn to sleep on his own. We wanted to be able to put Ethan down for his naps and sleep and walk out the door. 

Now, Ethan is getting enough sleep and crying very little when we walk out the door. It's freed up so much of our time and energy, it's been amazing. 

Rachel was very responsive to any questions we had so that we were able to make the right moves at the right time. We were never left to second guess anything and felt very equipped to move forward without her support after a week. 

I would tell any potential clients that it's a life-saver to work with Rachel, as parenting is full of unknowns. There is a lot of information out there on sleep training but every child is different and every stage is different. We heard so many different things and it was so helpful to have Rachel put together a plan, and also learn what we were doing wrong before. It worked out better than we could have imagined. We would and we already have recommended working with Rachel to parents. You can't put a price on a good night’s sleep as parents! Go for it. 

Katie EJuly 6, 2020

My baby girl woke up every 3 hours all night from birth to 6 months old. No matter what I did. Sometimes she would wake up every hour or two.

I wanted less night wakings, only one feed over a 12 hour stretch and I wanted to get her in her own room and her own crib.

She is 8 months now and she wakes once in 12 hours to feed. She is in her own crib, in her own room.

I feel Rachel and I explored every possible sleep solution until we found the best one that suits me and my baby. I feel she was sensitive, but her suggestions were based on extensive baby sleep studies and stats. I feel she asked enough questions to really get to know me and my baby.

You will reach at least one or most likely all of your goals after working with Rachel. She is very thorough and attentive. She is great at gently pushing you toward the most effective sleep solution. It felt like working with a friend.

Emer O’TooleJune 29, 2020

It felt like we'd been stuck in sleep training mode for months. I'd read all the books, but something just wasn't working. Our 9-month-old was still up multiple times at night, and daytime sleep consisted of two very short naps - if we could get him to nap at all. We needed help.

After two weeks working with Rachel, our little one is regularly sleeping through the night (yes really!) from 7pm til 6am. We're getting one good daily nap, and the second one is coming along. I wasn't expecting to see such extraordinary results.

Rachel knows her stuff and her methods really work. Having someone on the other end of the phone whom we could text when things weren't going to plan made all the difference - it took the guesswork out of sleep training and gave us the moral support that we needed to be successful.

Working with Rachel has been a game-changer and I can't recommend her more highly.

Amanda CJanuary 31, 2020

My nearly 5 month old was still waking every 2 hours through the night.  This pattern carried over into the daytime hours and greatly affected her mood, her eating habits, and her napping.  It was creating a stressful and chaotic home environment.

Working with Rachel provided us with a program we were comfortable with and guidance to set and achieve realistic goals.  Now, my daughter generally wakes 2 times a night--not unusual for her age--and her naps are an hour minimum.  My daughter's mood has greatly improved and my husband, son and I are enjoying time together again.

Rachel was an amazing support that offered a wealth of knowledge and instilled confidence in us every step of the way.  If we had any questions or doubts, Rachel had answers.  Rachel offered a non-judgmental approach while welcoming our feedback to ensure we remained within our comfort zone.

Our investment in Rachel's services was money well spent.  Not only did we achieve sleep goals for our daughter, but we got our lives back.  Having a baby is an adjustment in itself and it is difficult to feel like yourself in the early parts of that experience.  Being able to create a routine and a less stressful home environment has made us feel a bit normal again.

Kristen GarciaJune 7, 2019

After a number of sleepless nights, where our little one was waking up almost every hour, we realized we were experiencing the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. That, combined with difficult days where our son was not regularly napping, an inability to make it very far through reading a book on sleep training, we knew we needed Rachel’s help.

Not only did we achieve our goals of setting up an optimal sleep routine for our son both during the day and throughout the night, our entire life has changed. Instead of stressfully rocking our son to sleep for hours throughout the evening, my husband and I have our evenings back to spend together.  That, combined with all the education we received on best sleep practices and our customized sleep plan, our little guy is so much happier and well rested, making all of our lives so much easier and more enjoyable.  Also, peace of mind knowing we are doing what is best, and taking the guessing game out of sleep training really was so helpful.

Rachel was amazing to work with. Her extensive knowledge of sleep best practices, her supportive and caring nature and her empathetic approach made working with her a pleasure and we always felt confident knowing she was in our corner. The extensive guide she developed for us was super helpful, and the fact that she was so approachable, encouraging and patient during a stressful time made working with her a pleasure. We took comfort in knowing we were in good hands and she would guide us to a better rested family, and she certainly did.

Don’t hesitate to make this change! We wish we reached out to Rachel sooner. Sleep is so so important for the whole family and while you may think you can try to do it on your own, there is nothing like having a knowledgeable, caring, supportive, professional helping and guiding you through this important process. Don’t wait. It’s life changing and so worth it!

Mehgan SamonasNovember 18, 2018

We couldn't get our son to go to sleep on his own.  Bedtime routine was taking 1.5hrs and my husband and I had no adult time together so we were simply exhausted.  He was nearly 2yrs old but he really didn't have attachment to any objects, just us.  We felt guilty leaving him crying but needed a solution so we could all get more sleep.

Working with Rachel, I was so surprised at how quickly he adjusted to the changes.  Within a couple days we felt a huge relief and we're very proud of our little guy being able to soothe himself.  We all felt like we learned new skills and were much more confident and efficient with our bedtime routine.

Rachel took a real personal and gentle approach.  We were nervous we had waited too long for sleep training or if it was right for us but she was very understanding and made us feel very comfortable with the timing & solution.  We felt good about the plan and she supported us in every step.

If you're considering sleep training, just have a phone call with Rachel.  You don't know what you don't know and sleep training was much different than I expected.  Having a healthy routine has made our whole house happier.  It's truly amazing what a couple small changes and a good nights sleep can do.  Rachel tailored the training to our parenting style and was there to answer any questions no matter how small.  I wish we did this sooner!  But it's never too late.

The Hall FamilyAugust 31, 2018

We just wanted to thank you again for all of your help with this process! As mentioned before I was having a really hard time deciding what to do with our daughter's sleep and being a first time mom I was so confused and anxious about doing things the right way. After contacting you, you not only made me feel more comfortable with our decision but you were there for every little question or concern we had and I can’t thank you enough for the skills you have taught all of us!
Looking back to where we were just 2 weeks ago, it is crazy to think that we may still have been in that situation.

Thank you!

Erin BowenMay 26, 2018

We received a referral through friends that had used Fast Asleep consulting. Our baby was 4 months old, and we were so lucky to work with Rachel and nip the sleep association issues we were experiencing in the bud! Her thorough intake process allowed her to get to know us and our baby on a personal level, then creating a custom plan.

We found her guidance invaluable throughout implementation and would have been lost without her! Within days, our daughter was easily putting herself to sleep. At 4 months, we have a baby who sleeps 12+ hours per night without a feed (exclusively breast fed) and naps 3x/day. Prior to that, we were often up many times in the night, unable to execute an early bedtime, and naps were a huge challenge.

If you are on the fence as to whether or not to solve your child’s sleep issues, do not hesitate! Move forward, and do so with Rachel in your corner as an expert resource and guide. This has been the single best parenting decision we have made!

Tara ActonMay 4, 2018

I read ALL the books and tried all the routines and methods (E.A.S.Y., Ferber, Harvey Karp videos...etc...etc..etc..) and after A YEAR, my daughter became a good sleeper but there was A LOT of trial and error and self doubt and just the feeling of being overwhelmed all the time. Then our son came along and I was faced with the same sleep troubles. I pulled out the same books and thought, "ok, there's something I'm doing wrong." After meeting with Rachel, I learned that I wasn't necessarily doing anything wrong but every baby is different and I needed to figure out what worked for ours. Rachel was so knowledgeable, approachable and she really understood our needs. Having her being available for a whole week was key to our success. Whether our baby napped well that day, or he didn't nap, or if he had a good or bad night, there was no grey area for me to worry about because I would contact Rachel and she would help me figure out the next move. After a week, our life has changed, our 4 month old baby is happy, he's sleeping and we feel proud that we invested in a service that truly made a difference.

Kristina HanJune 4, 2017

My son was very attached to me and wouldn't sleep independently. He woke up many times during the night, and was only napping 30 minutes here and there, if that. My main goals were to help him sleep more independently, as well as get him on a regular napping schedule, thereby helping with night sleeping as well.

Michael is napping on a regular schedule (3 times a day) for longer, more consistent amounts of time. He still struggles with nighttime wake ups, but has improved so much in terms of going back to sleep independently.

Rachel was amazing at listening to our goals and our wishes and creating a personalized plan that worked for us. We had reservations about some sleep training methods, and she ensured that she catered our plan to fit our needs and wishes, rather than providing a "one plan fits all" type of program. As well, she never judged our sleep practices or parenting choices, but rather praised us for all the great things we were already doing. Rachel made herself available to me, both by phone and by email, to address my questions and concerns, and adjusted our plan as necessary during sleep training. She was approachable, friendly, patient, and helpful!

Rachel SmithMarch 30, 2017

Our guy was never a great sleeper and from 3 months to 5 months things were even worse.  He was waking almost every hour all night and the majority of his naps were only 35 min or so.  At 5 months we started some sleep training ourselves using the Pick Up Put Down Method.  We spent a few weeks working on this and we made some tangible progress, going from 8 to 10 wakings a night to around 4 or 5, and learning to sleep in the crib. Our progress plateaued around here though.  Naps still lousy and still eating all night long.  We clearly needed help to get to the next level of sucess.  We  found Rachel (who was LOVELY and bright and sweet) and worked with her for only one week.  She evaluated what we were doing, and made the tweaks to all of it that we needed to set us straight.  Exactly what I was hoping for.  I only wish we'd begun our attempts at training with her right from the beginning.  Maybe we could have saved ourselves from those difficult months trying it on our own but not getting it quiiiiite right.

Sylvia CFebruary 11, 2017

When you have a baby that doesn't nap and wakes up every hour in the middle of the night, what do you do? My husband and I were at a loss. We just didn't understand how our good sleeper of a baby suddenly decided to not want to sleep anymore. That's when we reached out Rachel.

Rachel explained everything we needed to know about sleep training and the key things to make it successful. She helped us pick the best sleep training method for our family and provided support throughout the process. So when we started the first night, our son who woke up every hour, suddenly slept through most of the night with only 1-2 night wakings for a feed. The next night, it was 1 waking and the 3rd night, he was sleeping through the night, from 6:30 pm to 7:00 am. My husband and I couldn't believe it! Not only was the training a success, my husband and I finally had time to ourselves to do the little things in life like have a meal together.

Today, we continue to use the sleep training techniques we learned from Rachel to ensure that our little guy continues to get good sleep. Our baby is so much happier and we (as parents of a 3 month old) now have more energy and are no longer sleep deprived.

Thank you so much, Rachel for everything!! Words cannot explain how thankful we are for your detailed sleep plan, one-on-one phone calls and most importantly fantastic support!

Stefanie De PaolisFebruary 23, 2017

Sleep training was something I was really afraid to do.  I had heard so many negative things online that made me feel that getting my son to sleep on his own would ruin our parent-child bond.  Rachel was amazing throughout the whole process  She was always there to answer questions and calm your fears with tailored sleep plans and realistic expectations.  Rachel's knowledge about approaches to sleep training that are appropriate for the child's age and development really made the difference.  Much to my surprise, I realized on Day 2 of training that my pattern of putting my son to sleep was actually the problem - with Rachel's plan he slept through the night right away!  I cannot thank her enough!

ClaireAugust 21, 2016

Rachel was so amazing to work with.  She was very supportive and answered all the questions I had in a timely manner.  We never thought our son would be able to sleep more than an hour and a half and take long naps but Rachel helped us by coming up with a sleep plan that we were comfortable with.  By being consistent and with her help, our son is now able to sleep much better.  We are so happy with the results and everyone in our family is well rested because of her. I highly recommend her services to everyone!

Amanda McDermottJuly 25, 2016

I was having sleep issues with my 1 year old and was at the end of my rope.  My son would not nap unless he was being held, in the car or in the stroller.  He was also not yet sleeping through the night and was waking several times.  I also have a 3 year old, so no one was getting any sleep. I decided to contact Rachel and it was the best decision I could have made.  I should have done it sooner!  My son started sleeping on the first day!  He was sleeping for 2.5 hrs in the morning and in the afternoon, and was sleeping 10.5 hrs at night.  He took to the sleeping method we chose and with Rachel's constant encouragement and my consistency on following through until the end, I couldn't have imagined a better outcome.  Thank you Rachel!!!  We are all sleeping well now!

Michelle Walsh Beaver for Carter BeaverJune 6, 2016

We sought out Rachel’s services once we realized that we needed some structure and guidance in teaching Carter how to settle at night and sleep in his own bed.  Our goals were to have a structured bedtime routine and for everyone to get the sleep they needed, in their own bed.

Within one week Carter was sleeping through the night, he was waking less frequently throughout the night and when he did wake, he was able to settle and fall back asleep without our help.

I feel that we were so successful because we put our trust in Rachel’s expertise.  She listened to our goals and respected our routine and lifestyle, thus we were able to apply sleep techniques tailored to Carter’s needs and our comfort level.  His quick response to these techniques proved they were exactly what we all needed for success!

I would tell someone who was unsure about Rachel’s services that they have so much to gain and can’t go wrong.  Her support, knowledge and experience are what make for a successful outcome.  She made us feel comfortable and confident by adapting techniques to fit our lifestyle, not change it.

Shannon HrycynaMay 24, 2016

Our son was fighting us to go to bed and would not stay asleep.  He would wake up every night, my husband and I would have to get up with him, and he would not go back to bed.  Our sleep goals were to be able to have a solid bedtime routine and have him sleep through the night.  If he did wake up, we wanted to be able to settle him back down quickly.

Now that we have our bedtime routine it takes no time at all to put him to bed.  He loves this new routine and has responded very well to the new changes.  Now I would say he sleeps through the night 5 out of 7 days a week and the nights he does wake up I can settle him back down quickly and he goes right back to sleep without having to leave his room.

If you are thinking about working with Rachel, you will not find a better solution out there for sleep.  Rachel cares about us and is always there to support and help you through each step.  Our son is very stubborn and I was nervous that he would not accept the change, but with Rachel’s guidance we got to a place that I never thought was possible.

Rachel gave us back peace in our house.  She gave us the knowledge to make the right changes to help us be successful.  She was always there for every question or concern and not once did I ever feel like I was being judged if we had a bad night or got off course.  She is calm and full of great and helpful information.  It was the best thing we have done for our family and I would do it all over if I had to.  Rachel makes you feel at ease and is extremely easy to work with.  If we have another baby one day and have sleep issues, I would go right back to Rachel for help.

Kristine & AlanApril 11, 2016

We were looking for gentle methods to help our infant daughter sleep through the night. We wanted something other than CIO. We also needed assistance for our 3 year old to help him a) get to sleep, and b) sleep through the night. 
We successfully achieved our goals of getting a proper routine in place for both kids to help them sleep through the night and fall asleep with no stress/anxiety.

Rachel understood our goals and worked out an efficient plan to help us achieve them. Rachel was always available when needed, and she was very professional, understanding and friendly.
If you’re thinking about working with Rachel, do it! The results were excellent and did not take forever to get in place.

The Andal FamilyApril 7, 2016

We have the cutest toddler who hasn't fallen asleep by himself .... ever. With the arrival of our new baby it became ever more important that we teach our son the skill of being able to fall asleep on his own. Plus, trying to get a toddler to sleep while holding a newborn is not that easy! We were more than lucky when we were introduced to Rachel. We knew we had to jump all over the chance to work with someone who could help us. Little did we know how incredible Rachel would be and what a Godsend she would be to our lives!

Rachel was incredible. She spent the time to really get to know our family and the daily ins and outs of our toddler. From that she was able to create a customized plan that would be age/stage appropriate for all of us. My goal was to have our son falling asleep without us laying with him (and most of the time sleeping with him! lol) as gently as possible. We've always been with my son while he falls asleep and the last thing we wanted was something that would traumatize him or stress him out. Welcome Rachel! She realized our concerns and created a plan that ensured our son would be as comfortable as possible through this journey. That's exactly what happened! We followed her plan to get our son used to sleeping on his own. For the very first time he slept the ENTIRE night .... yup! THE ENTIRE NIGHT. I only write that in caps because it deserved it! We couldn't believe it. What we didn't think was possible Rachel helped us achieve.

At first, we were scared to change the sleep routine for my two and a half year old. If you're a parent who has a toddler or baby who would benefit from learning the skill to sleep better I HIGHLY recommend Rachel. Coming from parents who haven't slept a full night since he was born we can't tell you how much this has changed our life. I read stories all the time about sleep training, and for us, the stories about crying and unhappy kids almost stopped us from reaching out to Rachel. It wasn't like that at all! Our son felt protected and loved through the entire process. What's better is so did we! Rachel was with us the entire journey. She met with us every couple of days to check in with updates and words of encouragement. We loved partnering with her and so will you. It honestly was one of the best investments of time and love we made.

Rachel, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts and comfort of our beds where we now ALL sleep much better! Sleep is such a vital component in all of our lives and we are so thankful that we were able to work with you to ensure our family thrives in this area. Oh, did I mention she is the sweetest person, too? 🙂  Thanks again!

Alicia RobertsApril 4, 2016

I was desperate for sleep as my 2.5 year old was still not a good sleeper - then I found fast asleep consulting and it changed my family’s life! Rachel was friendly, engaging, informative, understanding and extremely supportive! Within 3 weeks, my son was well on his way to being a great sleeper!!!!