What’s so great about sleep consultants, anyway?

I’m a do-it-yourself girl.  I get that impulse.  I also believe that no one knows better than a mum or dad what is best for their little one.  So if your son or daughter is having trouble sleeping, why not pick up a book or two or start seeking out information online on your own?  Well, here’s the thing…

All of the choices that come with parenting can be really overwhelming.  

The other day I googled healthy meal ideas for my toddler because my repertoire is starting to feel old.  I fell down a terrifying rabbit hole of opinions about what kids should be eating.  How does one google search leave me feeling like the wrong nutritional choices will ruin my son’s chances of being a productive member of society?  Even forgetting all of the opinions (and good lord, there are many), there is just so….much…information related to every parenting topic.

Why would sleep be any different?  Even things that are scientifically proven, such as how much sleep a child needs, are debated by “experts”.  Then you have to decide if the timing is right, what methods are healthy and useful, and whether or not sleep training will permanently maim your child.

Here are three reasons why working with a professional – a Certified Child Sleep Consultant – allows you to cut through the misinformation and take out the guesswork so that you can get to the good stuff:

1)  Choosing the right plan.  

There are many sleep training methods.  A number of these are proven to be effective, safe, and valuable techniques.  Which ones are helpful and which are not?  Of the methods that are useful, which would be best for your family?  A sleep consultant can help you determine what is best for you and your child, and ensure that whatever you choose will lead you to success.

2)  Making sure you don’t miss anything.  

Even if you choose an appropriate sleep training method and follow it to the letter, things may not totally fall into place.  This is because there are so many ingredients in this pediatric sleep cocktail, not just the plan.  Scheduling, routines, preparing your child so that they’re receptive to the changes, and other tricks of the trade.  Sleep consultants know what works!

3)  Support and accountability.  

It’s really easy (especially at 3am) to start wondering if you’re on the right track.  Is this working?  Is your son or daughter responding normally?  Are you doing the right thing?  Having a support system available to you to not only confirm you’re moving towards your goal of a healthy little sleeper, but also to know what changes to make if things do need to be tweaked, is invaluable.

And, just like having a trainer on those days when the last thing you want to do is strap on your gym shoes, knowing that you’re sending an update to your consultant will help to keep you committed to the plan at that aforementioned ungodly 3am hour.

If you’re at the point where you do want the help of a sleep consultant, the big question is who to work with?  And, quite frankly, I find that insulting because obviously the answer is me.  (Kidding).

In all seriousness though, it’s important to make sure that, whoever you choose, they are qualified.  Don’t be afraid to ask about qualifications (FSI certified is always a good sign).

They also need to be a good fit.  You should never feel judged or be pressured into an approach you’re not 100% comfortable with.  A qualified professional you click with is critical and then you’re set!

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